2012 Rheumatology Insight Service

Survey Results Identify Key Trends Related to Oral Meds, RA Management, Cost of Therapy, and More 


  • Price will likely impact the adoption of new “small molecule” orals, such as Fostamatinib (Pfizer) and Tofacitinib (Rigel)
  • Payers are uncertain about the therapeutic positioning for newer small molecule drugs at price parity to biologics
  • Provider experience and satisfaction with older agents remains the underlying driver for choice of biologics
  • Payers and providers alike do not anticipate a change in the way their plans manage biologics over the next 2 to 4 years
  • Despite added bureaucratic complexity from payer restrictions and cost-management strategies, providers generally are successful in overcoming payer obstacles
  • An indication for early RA will not likely change current RA biologic prescribing patterns

These are just some of the key findings included in the results of the 2012 Rheumatology Reimbursement Report, now available from Reimbursement Intelligence.

About the Report

Following the American College of Rheumatology conference in Chicago in November 2011, Reimbursement Intelligence surveyed 50 pharmacy and medical directors representing leading national and regional health plans, as well as 100 rheumatologists involved in patient care.

The report provides precise data, stakeholder insights, and dependable forecasts on what’s in store for the RA sector in the near-term future.

The RA stakeholders surveyed for this report will shape the rheumatology landscape in 2012 and beyond. Their opinions are certain to influence the critical choices that lie ahead in RA management.

You can take advantage of their expertise to support your own decision-making about development, positioning, pricing, and marketing in a disease state that is a key driver in specialty pharmacy drug spending.

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